Editing Landscapes (1)

My Post-Processing Workflow of Landscape photos editing.  Part (1) is how I usually process a RAW photo in Adobe Lightroom to get a basic look I want before exporting to Photoshop for further edits.

Editing Landscapes (2)

My Post-processing workflow on how I edit a landscape photo.    Part (2) is about further processing in Photoshop and Luminar programs to get the final look I want.

Composition Ideas in Landscape Photography (1)

The concept of composition and basic ideas of how composition can be applied to make your photo more powerful and expressive.

Composition Ideas in Landscape Photography (2)

This video covers more advanced tips of composition in Landscape photography. It includes how you should plan and research before actual trip, surveying the area, creating visual flow, different focal lengths, foreground interest, patterns, layers, balance of the image and more!

How to photograph waterfalls

A comprehensive guide on photographing different kinds of waterfalls. You will learn about the equipment required, camera settings, composition ideas, workflow sequence on site and many tips.You will also see sample waterfall photos of different kinds and setting data of each photo.

How to edit a waterfall photo in LR

This video demonstrates Adobe Lightroom techniques to edit a waterfall photo from Raw and create a dreamy look.

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